Sell Your Property with Confidence

Understanding the Importance of a Contract of Sale with an Experienced Conveyancer

Our Conveyancing Solicitors understand the complexities involved in property transactions and are well-versed in navigating any potential obstacles that may arise during the settlement process.

With their assistance, you can rest assured that your settlement will be handled efficiently and effectively, giving you peace of mind and enabling you to move on to your next venture without any unnecessary delays or complications.

The Process for Selling Your Property with a Conveyancer in Sydney

If you are Selling your Residential or Commercial Property, our Conveyancing Solicitors can help streamline the settlement process and ensure that everything is handled promptly and professionally. 

Mortgage advice

Seek advice from a lender on discharging your mortgage or refinancing.

Market Appraisal

Seek a market appraisal from at least three local real estate agents.

Sale Research

Research recent sales in your area to get a better sense of your home’s price.

Contract Preparation

We will prepare a contract of sale for you.

Appoint an Agent

Once we have prepared your contract you can list your home for sale by auction or private treaty.


If you have used a solicitor/conveyancer to prepare a contract of sale, provide a copy of the contract to your real estate agent.

Property Searches

Use our property preparation information on how to prepare your property for sale.

Prepare the Property for Sale

Now you can arrange for any trades people or services needed. Prepare for inspections by ensuring your homes will impress your buyer.

Review & Feedback

Its time to review your properety performance of your online listings, feedback from inspections and price expectations.

Set Auction Reserve

When selling your home by auction set your reserve price a day or two priors, in consultation with your real estate agent.

Exchange Contracts

Once your real estate agent has found a buyer and you have agreed on a price, contracts are ready to be exchanged. Once contracts are exchanged, they are forwarded to your solicitor/conveyancer and the buyer’s legal representative.


Establish a time frame for settlement enabling you to arrange vacating the property and discounting services.

Selling A Leased Residential or Commercial Property

If you are selling a residential or commercial property which has been leased, after settlement is completed, the buyer immediately takes on the role of the landlord if there is a tenant in the property with a current lease.

The existing lease remains in force, and the new landlord is obligated to follow the terms of that lease.

For more information, please go to our FAQs page -  Buying a Property with an existing Lease

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